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Battle of the Spheres: Crust, Mantle and Core

Melita Tessy

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Let the one before you not witness your inner fight; Keep your chaotic thoughts and emotions tight. For now, it is your soul that I test, Which is where yourself you manifest. It’s high time you become truly wise; Learn not to fall to evil in disguise. Confuse the one before you, as you are confused; Never let your feelings be used or abused.”

“I knew that the pain I felt now was here to stay. In many forms. Through many nights.”

“Once you are a warrior, you must live like one. You can't be afraid to fight against and destroy anything that fights against what is right.”

“I don't know about homeless, but I'm never going to let you be hopeless. Or loveless. To be heartless however, well, that is your choice to make.”

“Don’t you dare say these times are hollow Just because there are storms raging by. Just lay low on your pillow, Close your eyes and say goodbye To the world that you lived in today. Let your dreams carry you away; You lived a nightmare all through the day, It is time to dream, so don’t delay. You searched for a reason to live, Yes darling, you searched everywhere. You had to push, you had to strive, It is time now to get some air. You searched in all that is outside, It is time now to look inside, Cause that is where you’ll find A reason worth keeping in your mind. These dreams are not an escape, darling, You need time to see past the lies that blind you. It is time for you to start running To those things that are true. So, don’t you dare say these nights are hollow, Just because there are storms raging by. Just lay low on your pillow And lose yourself in this lullaby.”

“Those happy memories now added to my sorrows.”

“My mind ran over everything that had happened lately, and running on such thoughts made even my feet hurt.”

“What must not be read must not be written”

“What must not be read must not be written.”

“We walked beside each other, talking about things we should have been least concerned about. But at that moment, it was those things that kept me alive.”

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