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Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

Julie C. Dao

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She would bloom where she was planted and let her roots close around the throats of her enemies.”

“She was a monster, a bride of the darkness, and she rose to face her destiny as though it were the blood-red sunrise of a new day.”

“But in weakness, you find your strength. It takes no small amount of courage to open yourself up,” the Empress said gently. “You leave pieces of yourself in the ones you love. Is that not the greatest power, to endure in that way?”

“The beauty of this world is fading all too fast through the cruelty and thoughtlessness of men.”

“She knew her own worth. She would seize her destiny with all the strength and spirit within her, and bend them all to her will: every man kneeling and every woman overshadowed.”

“Only kings are arrogant enough to believe the world is too small to hold other men.”

“For that is the way of the world, Guma’s voice echoed. Some are given a rope to the moon, and others claw up the sky.”

“Xifeng tilted her face, a pale moon in the evening of the water. She felt like a goddess in the shimmering light. She was a poem come to life, each vein was a lyric.”

“There was something unfinished about not saying farewell, like a door left open in the chill night.”

“I want to mean something to a great deal of people. I am tired of being no one. As Empress, I would have the right to choose for myself. Guma could not command me, and Wei would not own me.”

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