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I Vicdansaadet Speaking: No Rest Till The World is Lifted

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The human brain has not evolved to perceive reality, it has evolved to create an illusion of reality. That's why an exciting lie gains more attention than a boring truth.”

“The Anti-Stereotype Sonnet Black is not evil. White is not trash. Brown is not illegal. Muslims don’t crash. Women ain't weak. Jews ain't greedy. Men ain't playboys. Queer ain't sickly. Hijab is not oppression. Hourglass ain't beauty. Faith is not delusion. Atheists don't lack morality. Assumptions only reveal shallowness. Beyond stereotypes lies humaneness.”

“Whoever controls the narrative, controls the people.”

“Festivals are occasions to empower ourselves in the course of humanity - they are the occasions to rekindle the promise of humanity in our heart - the promise that we keep forgetting in the cacophony of manmade labels.”

“A flawless delusion is more appealing to the human mind than a flawed reality.”

“You may have six-pack or an hourglass figure, but that doesn't make you a human, it only makes you an appealing mating partner in the kingdom of human-looking animals, what does make you a human is being a drop of kindness amidst the sea of selfishness.”

“Yesterday's truth made people nationalist, today's truth makes people globalist, tomorrow's truth will make people human.”

“Words come to me like equations came to Ramanujan and music came to Mozart.”

“Whether there is a supreme almighty, is no concern of mine, all I care about is the upliftment of the humans by the humans - by me, you and by every single creature who calls themselves human.”

“When I was at university, my dorm was in a red light area. Often after class on my way to the dorm, I would sit with those sisters of mine and listen to their stories and struggles for hours - just listening to them pouring their heart out gave me a kind of uncorrupted bliss that couldn't be explained with human words. You don't need to be a practicing physician or psychiatrist to ease the pain of others, listening to them as a human being crossing prejudice is enough.”

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