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Between Worlds

Jacqueline E. Smith

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If you were a real professional, you'd build a bridge and get over it.”

“Love was more than just a fleeting desire, or a brief glimpse into a fairy tale, or a flash of playful flirtation in her beautiful hazel eyes. It was more than infatuation with a person’s best qualities, or reluctant acceptance of their less appealing traits. Real love meant loving the whole person, in every form, in every state, in every way. It was what transformed the ordinary monotony of everyday life into extraordinary moments of warmth and compassion and joy.”

“Someone always dies. Someone is always left behind.”

“God, everything is wasted on the living.”

“She was beautiful, ethereal, and in that glow, she should have reminded him of an angel. But to his horror, he realized that she didn’t. She reminded him of a ghost.”

“If this investigation is as eventful as I’m hoping it will be, it will be traumatizing for all of us,” Luke said. “Oh, please don’t hope that,” Michael deadpanned.”

“Why do I get the feeling that this story doesn’t have a happy ending?” JT asked. Because stories that result in a haunting rarely do, Kate thought to herself. Someone always dies. Someone is always left behind. Someone is always caught between worlds.”

“Perhaps it was the eerie shriek of the motion detector, but the hairs on the back of her neck were suddenly standing on end. Something in the atmosphere had shifted. The air was a little too tense, too cold, and too still. So very still. A chilling and invisible presence filled the room, and at that moment, there was no doubt in Kate’s mind. The séance had worked.”

“People tend to think that death is absolute, the one thing we can all be certain about, but that’s not the case. Death is complex. It’s powerful and timeless. The truth is, when it comes to death, nothing is impossible.”

“Century and after century, headstones and grave markers were crafted, marble shrines to lost life and to bodies that could neither see nor touch nor think nor feel, bodies that were respected and appreciated more after death than some ever could have hoped to be in life.”

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