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Rome: Poems

Dorothea Lasky

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There are things you want to say but don't There are things I want to say but I already said them A year ago or two or five, when we first met There were times I thought you knew I loved you You never knew We never were I died You died That's it”

“I never noticed anything but you But you but you So that I couldn't sleep”

“I watch porn Cause I'll never be in love”

“A monster Someone who left me in the dark Someone who darkened me A million times over”

“Not sure what of this you did offer me Never did amount to anything So with this I go”

“It is as if I had made you believe In me once again It is as if you knew I was your true love It was as if I didn't have to know In this life All you were to me Was that flower”

“And forgot about me You forgot about me And what I meant to you And then it was over”

“And I go looking looking for you in the streets And I never find you I never find you at all”

“ What's worse To never have them To have them only in part What's worse To be endlessly waiting To be endlessly waiting What's worse—nothing or nothing What's worse”

“You were Something or someone I loved But I am a traveler And I love no one But the empty road”

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