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Notes on an Execution

Danya Kukafka

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You don't need to have it all. You only need to figure out how much is enough.”

“Grief was a hole. A portal to nothing. Grief was a walk so long Hazel forgot her own legs. It was a shock of blinding sun. A burst of remembering: sandals on pavement, a sleepy back seat, nails painted on the bathroom floor. Greif was a loneliness that felt like a planet.”

“She had known from a young age that everyone had darkness inside-some just controlled it better than others. Very few people believed that they were bad, and this was the scariest part. Human nature could be so hideous, but it persisted in this ugliness by insisting it was good.”

“No one is all bad. No one is all good. We live as equals in the murky gray between.”

“Pity is destruction wearing a mask of sympathy.”

“Human nature could be so hideous, but it persisted in this ugliness by insisting it was good.”

“...and she thought how sad it was that a single bad thing could turn you into a story, a matter to be whispered about. Tragedy was undiscerning and totally unfair.”

“Sometimes you are certain this is all you are made of: a fleeting instant between action and inaction. Doing something, or not. Where is the difference, you wonder? Where is the choice. Where is the line, between stillness and motion?”

“Give yourself a moment every day, Harmony had suggested once in group therapy. A single moment in which you are absolved of all responsibility. How much responsibility could a person hold, Lavender wondered. How much, before the overflow?”

“Felix Culpa, her mother had written. The happy fault. The horrible thing that leads to the good.”

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