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Mad About Humans: World Maker's Almanac

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“World in Peril (The Sonnet) The world is in peril and security is out of the window. If now we don't be humans, what's the point of us! Humankind is in turmoil and anxiety is running amok. If now we don’t be responsible what's the point of us! Neighborhoods are wailing in fear and desperation. If now we don’t lend a hand what's the point of us! Communities are struggling in crippling uncertainty. If now we don't break narrowness what's the point of us! Nations are panting to sustain health and sanity. If now we don't rush to rescue what's the point of us! Nature is revolting to reclaim her kingdom. If now we don't make peace with her what's the point of us! Now is not the time for theorizing and criticizing. Forgetting argumentation we must stand as one people unbending.”

“Support individuals, not parties.”

“Only when the individual develops the capacity to look at the beauty of the mind instead of the beauty of the body, can the world develop the capacity to do the same.”

“One person's sacrifice makes millions wake up from their sleep of indifference.”

“Beautiful is not the one with an attractive body, but the one with a kind heart.”

“Awake and Arise my sisters and brothers to slogan for all of humankind. We are the light and we are the might that's needed during this ominous tide.”

“To awake or not to awake - that is the question.”

“A nation falls not because of governmental atrocity, but because of the citizens' indifference to that atrocity.”

“You cannot discover new roads with old maps.”

“We are the source of humaneness, as well as the vessel of humaneness.”

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