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Diamonds are Forever

Michelle Madow

Top 10 Best Quotes

“No matter what, they always had each other. How did people get through life without sisters?”

“Sisterhood was about shared experiences, trust, knowing you had people who would be there for you and would listen to you no matter what, and who could always tell if there was something wrong. They were the ones who, with a single look, knew if you were about to burst into giggles or into tears and why, and who knew when you needed to get out of the house for a midnight trip to In-N-Out Burger to gorge on a milkshake and animal-style fries. They were the ones you could be raging angry with one moment, and completely forgive ten minutes later. She would always be there for her sisters, and they would always be there for her, because they loved each other no matter what.”

“Despite her insistence that no one should make a big deal about her birthday, no one ever listened. There was always so much pressure to have the perfect happy day.”

“She’d been let down enough times to know not to believe in fairy tales.”

“His being famous didn’t give him a right to use her and treat her like dirt.”

“You should never forget. But you should try to forgive.”

“You saw the darkest parts of my life—the worst parts of me—and you didn’t hate me. I didn’t have to put on an act with you.”

“When something’s really bothering me, I just like to get it out. I like to completely give in to the emotion. If I pretend I’m not sad—if I try smiling through it, and pretending like everything’s fine—it makes it worse. When I give in and let it out, I feel better.”

“Sometimes it felt like no one was ever there for her. Everyone thought she was so strong. And she was, for the most part. But that didn’t mean she never needed anyone to lean on.”

“She hated saying goodbye forever. It felt so permanent. And who knew where life would take her in the future?”

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