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Writing: A Spiritual Voice

Donna Goddard

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Turn the flame of jealousy into the fire of self-improvement.”

“Trust the creative process. Trust the process of your life. Remember, you are the greatest work of art yourself. Don’t hold back from life’s challenges for fear of failure or you will miss out on life, itself. You are a walking, breathing mass of possibilities and potential.”

“Writing is a long-term career. It takes a lot of time, money, perseverance, learning, and soul. Making a mark as a writer and having an influence in the world is a process that generally accelerates slowly. 1. Keep going. 2. Keep giving. 3. Remain true. 4. Trust your instincts. 5. Go with the flow. 6. Do your best. 7. Enjoy it.”

“Trust your instincts. To a certain extent, disregard what others think or do. Your instincts may be quite different to other people's. ”

“Trust the creative process. You are a walking, breathing mass of possibilities and potential.”

“The path to healing looks a particular way for different kinds of folk. Angry people don’t suddenly become calm. They have to learn how to acknowledge and process their rage. Fearful people don’t magically become brave. They have to have an experience of being put in a situation that is so unacceptable (usually because they, or someone they love, is hurt in an unacceptable way) that they make the giant leap to courage. Sad people don’t miraculously become happy. They must understand the unconscious ways that they continuously choose unhappiness as a state of consciousness. By understanding this, they can slowly learn to rechannel their thoughts into more life-enhancing and healthy mindsets.”

“Remain true. Stay focused on what you personally love. Align with what you are naturally drawn to. Believe in yourself and your own loves. Give what you have inside you. Give it bravely, and give it with good intent.”

“Life is only long when we are unhappy.”

“Healthy competition is not detrimental to our well-being and progress. It is advantageous. It highlights the skills that others have. It’s a teaching and motivating device. It helps us to see the weaker areas within ourselves that need improvement. Other people’s strengths are not disadvantageous to us. They can inspire and push us to develop those same elements within our own being. Turn the flame of jealousy into the fire of self-improvement.”

“Everyone has a purpose, and fulfilling our purpose will make us happy. Whatever our individual purpose is, it will always be to use our abilities to add something good to other people’s lives and thereby add to our own.”

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