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Darcie Little Badger

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Maybe, sometimes, wants felt like needs. Because the alternative hurt too bad.”

“Ellie scrutinized her memories of Trevor. There were no clues, no warnings, that hinted at his violent death. If lives were books, his final chapter came too soon and belonged to a different genre.”

“It's hard to know that you're flying too high until the feathers start dropping.”

“...You can bring a guest to the wedding, but nobody too weird. I get that you're asexual, so, like, it can be a friend or zucchini or...' She trailed off, sounding a bit uncertain. "Yeah. Just. Nobody my parents would hate. They already don't like the groom.' 'Cool. Does my dog count as too weird?”

“People don't give animals enough credit sometimes. Or maybe they give humans too much credit.”

“Dead or alive, dogs could skip from deep-nap-unconscious to awake-and-ready-for-anything almost instantaneously. She envied their skill.”

“tradition accommodated the adaptable nature of humankind.”

“She's say his name and tell his story. Maybe, someday, he'd follow the words home.”

“She'd say his name and tell his story. Maybe, someday, he'd follow the words home.”

“Judging by the gossip Ellie had overheard in the mall earlier that week, evil scarecrows were becoming a pest. Probably spreading with fields of monoculture corn and soy crops. The formerly diverse scare stories of the prairie were being replaced by repetitive encounters with straw-filled bodies and dead, button eyes.”

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