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The Mona Lucy

Peggy Webb

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She was a beautiful woman, fresh-scrubbed and wholesome. Just like his ex-fiancee. A heartless floozy in disguise.”

“How could he try to get Sandi to reveal her true colors when she was a rainbow?”

“He doesn't jingle my chimes.”

“Careful, Sandi. You're about to let your bulldog mouth overload your bird-dog bite.”

“After all, he was human, in spite of rumors to the contrary.”

“You're wearing a lace thong?" Dolly clapped her hands. "That's absolutely perfect for romance.”

“Too bad all that beautiful cleavage had to be wasted on a man-eating floozy.”

“Things would have turned out differently if he'd been wearing shoes. A shoeless man is a defenseless man. A shoeless man can't be held responsible for his actions.”

“The jangle of the telephone rousted Matt out of a deep sleep. He never dreamed. Dreams were too messy.”

“She tilted her face to his, and he discovered that kissing her was something he didn't have to train for by reading a book. It came naturally.”

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