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The Art of Feeling

Laura Tims

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Sometimes when I’m dealing with too much, I stop dealing with anything.”

“I’m tired of things I love being gone forever. I didn’t think there was room in me for any more holes, but that’s all I am now, a collection of empty spaces where things were ripped away.”

“I’d order a hundred baskets of flowers and carry the casket and get ordained as the freaking minister if it would convince you not to be so dumb.”

“You don't realize that you haven't been feeling anything until you feel something again.”

“The truth is, I'm blank most of the time. Static. Sometimes I think I've used up all my emotions.”

“It’s burning, but it’s not burning me up. I’m feeling it, but it’s not killing me. I think about how powerful it is, and how strong that must mean that I am.”

“How do you hurt someone who doesn’t care what you think of him, doesn’t care what you say to him, and doesn’t care if you attack him?”

“You need to grow up and deal with the fact that just because I can do some stuff doesn't mean I can do everything we used to, even if it makes you feel bad, because pretending it don't happen doesn't stop it from being a thing. it just is.”

“You just have to watch people. They don't hide as much as they think. Like your expression.”

“The problem with screaming everything on your mind is that it feels really good when you're saying it, but it's like being drunk. Afterward you have to deal with the hangover and the people you pissed off.”

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