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Mountaintop Prosperity: Move Quickly to New Heights in Life, Work and Money

Daphne Michaels

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Being overwhelmed means that your life or work is overpowering you. Regain control by clarifying your intentions, setting realistic expectations and focusing on your next step.”

“Time is like a bucking bull. Staying on top of it requires maintaining focus while riding out the ups and downs of life and work.”

“The mind is complex and without discipline it can become your worst nightmare.”

“Personal empowerment is about knowing your answers come from inside. While you may need validation when you are unsure, you will not need approval. Approval seeking will forever keep you underpowered.”

“Balanced thinking will take you beyond confusion.”

“Your work life will become very narrow when you are only focusing on getting more.”

“Your big ideas will lead to big accomplishments. Big accomplishments lead to greater prosperity — not just financially, but in all aspects of life.”

“When your words and actions are unified you radiate a sense of integrity.”

“When your life becomes challenging increase your level of organization.”

“When you demonstrate that you will get up when you fall you are showing the yourself and the world who you are and that you deserve the success you desire.”

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