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Jonah: Navigating a God-Centered Life

Colin S. Smith

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When God interrupts your life, He is calling you to follow Him in a new way. By breaking into your settled pattern, He is moving you to a new place where you can make fresh discoveries of His grace. Embracing God’s call is never easy, but this is where the pursuit of a God-centered life begins, and where the shame of a self-centered life is exposed.”

“Grace is more than God opening the door to salvation; it’s God bringing people in.”

“God did not love you because of your background, your intelligence, your good looks, your prayers, your ministry, your commitment, your faith, or your good life. God loves you…because He loves you. Let that lead you to worship.”

“Our culture says ‘live your dream,’ but God calls you to place your dream on His altar and to keep it there at all times. It is good to have hopes and dreams for the future, but we have no rights. There are no certainties. Any dream can become an idol and, if it does, God will bring it down.”

“The Bible is different because it is the Word of God, by which He speaks to me. Disagreeing with the Bible would be disagreeing with God. So when I read the Bible I want to place myself ‘under’ it. I want to receive the Scripture in such a way that over time, my thinking, feeling, choosing, believing and behaving will be molded by the Word God is speaking into my life. I don’t want to critique the Scriptures; I want them to critique me and change me.”

“Grace means that God steps into the lives of particular individuals with the purpose and effect of saving them. He needs no permission to do this, nor is He under any obligation to do so.”

“Repentance means change: Change in what you think, change in what you desire, change in what you do and say. It is the evidence of authentic faith.”

“Repentance is possible only when faith is present and where there is faith, repentance will also be found. Faith gives birth to repentance, and repentance is the evidence of faith.”

“Living communion with God in which He is real, alive, fresh, and present to your soul energizes a God-centered life.”

“Explaining temptation by saying “God is testing me” or “Satan is attacking me” positions “me” either as the victim, if I am defeated, or the hero, if I prevail. But confessing that “My heart is desperately wicked” provides no such comforts. It heads off all attempts to shift blame, and cuts down all the pretensions of spiritual pride.”

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