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The Tao of Motherhood

Vimala McClure

Top 10 Best Quotes

“A wise mother knows: It is her state of consciousness that matters. Her gentleness and clarity command respect. Her love creates security.”

“Children are mirrors; they will always show you exactly what is going on inside of you. Each phase of their growth is an opportunity to heal your own pain, to go deeper inside yourself and become more truly human”

“Mother is the reflective principle, the balancing agent for the child. Like a guru, she allows the child to make mistakes and loves the child without condition. Like nature, she allows consequences to unfold and balance to be restored when it is lost.”

“You can sit and meditate while your baby cries himself to sleep. Or you can go to him and share his tears, and find your Self.”

“Water benefits us without taking from us. It cleanses us, nourishes us, and calms our restlessness. So is a mother to her child. From the moment of birth, a child’s well-being is her only concern. A wise mother cleans and discards the child’s waste without comment. The child’s excrement, its tears, its rages, are all allowed to be and discarded without emotion. A wise mother does not judge her child.”

“The child who feels your respect during silences is nourished more than the child who is constantly fussed and chattered over.”

“Right mothering meets the child’s need. Focusing on what the child should not be draws resistant energy. Pointing out what the child should be feeds self-hatred and struggle.”

“Parenting is a spiritual path that can bring you great pain and great joy and that can have a tremendous positive impact on your personality and your behavior.”

“I believe our children, unknowingly and with innocent trickery, teach us the deeper knowledge of how to be a true human being”

“Everything which endures can only do so because Eternal Consciousness gives it sentience.”

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