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Cardiac Ablation

Karl Kristian Flores

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I suppose we all see colors outside our usual spectrum in certain people. And the saddest part of life is having known what it looks like and saying goodbye while a quiet part of you hopelessly searches for it forever in shades of blue, red, and yellow. Perhaps all my writing is just a telling to others of the color I saw.”

“Knowing you was like finding out the secrets of the universe and leaving you is like being expected to somehow forget them all.”

“Upon scanning the sky, you don't really know when one color turns into another hue. And that's sort of how I fell for you. No definitive line or moment, just a slow blend of time inked by the earth's unexplainable.”

“There are seconds of remembering you throughout the day -- moments when my heart twitches. Moments when I am hell-bent on forgetting your heaven-sent scent.”

“She's like a sentence I never heard. 'Come again,' I said.”

“I hate it when people say 'follow your heart.' That is not a morally sufficient reason for stalking.”

“Will this pain leave as quickly as you did?”

“When you're sad, everything sad builds up. The most painfully truthful thoughts arise, uninvited and unforgiving. The brain, a devoted soldier, always successful, somehow manages to rapidly search its host's darkness. There is no escape to what is next. First, all the buried thoughts you locked in a gloomy chest are released. Second, you begin crying over what you never wanted to admit. Suddenly, you begin to cry over things you did not even know actually deeply hurt you. And sometimes, the wet physicalization of your sorrow isn't enough. Instead, a violent madness stirs in your chest and your head is polluted with a red so angry, your jaw opens to fill the earth with a scream so rare you lose a little of yourself. Your roaring voice trails in pieces, like bullet fragments in flesh, to complete the song that is Loss.”

“We are not always someone else's half, but they can be ours. You'd think two halves make a whole, but some two halves make a hole.”

“You are the silence of my thoughts, the alleyways of my brain, the thought in between other thoughts that live, the space between every look I give. In split seconds of my mortality, there you are - my sweet neutrality.”

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