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The Philosopher Kings

Jo Walton

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I knew what death meant now. It was conversations cut off.”

“In reality, while we aim for excellence, we're always living on somebody's dunghill.”

“Good,” I said. “And we will do the same. But I miss him. I miss him like I miss Mother. Of course we’ll honor their memory, and of course their souls have gone on to new lives, but I hadn’t finished talking to them in this life.” I knew what death meant now. It was conversations cut off.”

“would savor this mortal life while I had it, learn and experience all I could. And when it ended, I would take what I had learned and be a more excellent god and make the world better.”

“One thing I have learned about grief,” I said to her, “is that nothing anyone says to you is useful, but it can still be comforting sometimes to know you’re not alone”

“We, and Plato, meant nothing but the best for them! And when I say the best I mean it literally; what we wanted for them was nothing but excellence, virtue, arete. They say you can’t want that for somebody else, they have to want it for themselves. Well, perhaps they have a point. But Plato wrote that seeking to increase someone else’s excellence is the best form of love.”

“There is no perfection in human things, only in the world of Forms.”

“I also pursue excellence, and Father told me that it can only ever be pursued, never caught—though”

“And his mother, especially as Botticelli had painted her and Auge carved her, seemed like a perfectly nice goddess.”

“Not even Necessity knows all ends.”

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