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The Spanish Love Deception

Elena Armas

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I’ll give you the world,” he said against my mouth. “The moon. The fucking stars. Anything you ask, it’s yours. I’m yours.”

“Because it was all you were willing to give me. And I’d rather have you hating me than not have you at all.”

“When I finally kiss you, there won’t be any doubt in your mind that it is real.”

“You feel complete in my arms. You feel like my home.”

“If you get any more perfect, I’m going to believe you were made just for me.”

“How is it possible that it feels like you are breaking my heart, and I haven’t even had you yet?”

“You are all that, Catalina. You are light. And passion. Your laughter alone can lift my mood and effortlessly turn my day around in a matter of seconds. Even when it's not aimed at me. You... can light up entire rooms, Catalina. You hold that kind of power. And it's because of all the different things that make you who you are. Each and every one of them, even the ones that drive me crazy in ways you can't imagine. You should never forget that.”

“I don’t think I’d be able to deny you a single thing if you asked, Catalina.”

“Because when I finally take those lips in mine, it will be the furthest thing from pretending. I will not be showing you what it would be like if you were mine. I’ll show you what it is. And I sure as hell won’t be showing how good I could make you feel if you called me yours. You’ll already know that I am.”

“But you are. You are worth all that trouble. You are worth walking through a fucking fire. Don’t you see that?”

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