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Beyond All Measure

Dorothy Love

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Life is full of risks. But if you try to build a fence around all your fears, you'll shut out joy too.”

“When there's no other name to call, you can call on the Lord. He's the One who is always listening. Even in the darkness.”

“We can't be sad for her," she murmured. "Only for ourselves at having to say good-bye.”

“When God opens a door, you have to take His hand and walk through it. Even when you have doubts.”

“You’re saying I should go to Texas with Wyatt.” He nodded. “If you love him.” “Of course I love him—beyond all measure! But now it’s too late. He hasn’t spoken to me since the day I refused his proposal.”

“Wyatt!” She ran to meet him. “Wyatt! Please wait!” A sudden gust of wind dislodged her hat and sent it tumbling down the platform. The long pink ribbons lifted, dancing wildly in the warm wind. The movement caught his eye. He saw her then, and he stopped dead still, an incredulous smile spreading over his face. She waited, not daring to breathe, until Wyatt dropped everything and ran toward her, arms outstretched. The wind caught his hat too and sent it rolling along the platform until it came to rest beside hers. He lifted her into his arms and spun her around. She laughed out loud, her face tipped to the bright summer sky. Wyatt set her on her feet and kissed her thoroughly, oblivious to the handful of passengers still milling about the platform. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back for all she was worth, pouring into it all of her love and gratitude and hope. He smiled down at her. “You’re really here!” “Yes.” “No more doubts?” “None.” She hooked her arm through his and smiled up at him through a blur of happy tears. “Buy me a ticket?” “Just like that?” “Mariah will send my things.” She grinned, imagining her friend’s shock at such impulsiveness. But she didn’t want to wait another second to start her future with Wyatt. “It’s fine with me, darlin’, but our friends would never forgive us if we deprived them of a wedding . . . and the chance to say ‘I told you so.’ ” She heaved a mock sigh. “I suppose you’re right. There’s no hope for it, then. I reckon we’ll have to hold a wedding.” He wrapped one arm tightly around her waist. “You’re ready to be a rancher’s wife?” “Just try to stop me.” He grinned. “No thank you. I’ve seen what happens when you make up your mind to do something.”

“Why don’t you say what you came to say?” “You’re right. I shouldn’t be asking so many questions. It’s only that I remember all our happy times together. All the plans we made for a life at sea.” The color had come back into his cheeks. His eyes glittered with the old excitement she remembered. “We were going to travel the world, remember? Life was going to be our big adventure!” “I remember.”

“What if I stay?” She gaped at him. “What are you saying?” “You heard me. What if I keep the mill? Forget about Texas. Adopt Sophie. What then?” She was stunned. She’d never imagined such devotion even existed. “You love me that much? To give up everything you’ve ever wanted?” “Yes, darlin’. May the saints help me, I do.”

“Well?” Lillian tucked her skirts beneath her. “Are we going, or are you planning to sit here all day mooning over my nephew?” “Mooning? Over him? Absolutely not.” Ada picked up the reins and yelled, “Get up!”

“Wade on in,” he said. “The water’s nice and cool this morning.” “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been spying on you.” “That’s all right.” He couldn’t help grinning. “You’re the prettiest spy I’ve ever seen, if you don’t mind my saying so.” Ada spun away, her cheeks blazing. “I’ll wait for you in front of the church.” “Don’t go.” He jammed his hat onto his head and splashed across the water to the bank. “We should go back. Your aunt will be wondering where we are.” “She knows where to find me.” He slipped his shirt on, retrieved his boots, and sat down on a fallen log to pull them on, trying to think of some way to hold on to her company a little longer. “There’s a pretty little waterfall just upstream there. I’d love for you to see it. It isn’t far.” “I shouldn’t.” She kept her eyes trained on the river. “We shouldn’t even be here. You know how some people love to talk.” He sighed and buttoned his shirt. “I suppose you’re right. Another time, then.”

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