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The Lost Book of the White

Cassandra Clare

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You're my heart, Magnus Bane. Stay unbroken, for me.”

“So far," said Magnus, "life seems to me to be a matter of choosing love, over and over, even knowing that it makes you vulnerable, that it might hurt you later. Or even sooner. You just have no choice. You choose to love or you choose to live in an empty world with no one there but you. And that seems like a truly terrible way to spend eternity.”

“If I only jumped when I knew where I was going to land, I would never jump at all.”

“The Institute has a very old magic woven into its walls. I shall now use it to commune with my mother, wherever she might be found." He put his hands around his mouth and bellowed at the top of his lungs. "MOOOOOOOOOM!”

“Magnus hesitated. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “We’ve been rushing around getting ready to leave, and I haven’t so much as googled the word Svefnthorn.” “I googled it,” Jace said, to Alec’s surprise. “While we were getting our stuff together.” “You,” said Alec, “googled it.” “Yeah,” said Jace. “It sounded Norse, so I went into the library and looked it up in the Saga Concordances. Like a normal person. That’s googling, right?” “More or less,” said Simon.”

“Why would Shinyun be after Tessa?” Magnus said. Jem looked at him in surprise. “Well—because she’s an eldest curse, of course. Like you.” Magnus blinked. “You mean, because she’s the daughter of a Prince of Hell? Like me?” “No. It’s more than that. Tessa went to the Labyrinth not just to hide but to research. Eldest curses are not just children of Princes of Hell. They’re the oldest living children of those princes. There can only be nine of them alive at any one time, and I know of only two. And I’m talking to one of them and married to the other.”

“Good God, I've been rescued by an idiot!"-- Catarina Loss”

“Alec," Kadir said, very intensely. "I also must speak to you about "The Very Small Mouse Who Went a Very Long Way," by Courtney Gray Wiese." "What about it?" Alec said. "You did not tell me," Kadir said. "You did not warn me sufficiently." "We tried," said Alec. In bleak tones, Kadir recited, "The finest mouse will go neglected/Who is not often disinfected." "It's hard to prepare someone for it," Alec said. "You kind of have to experience it for yourself." "Indeed," said Kadir. "I am glad for "Where the Wild Things Are," at least. I have learned, after all these years, where the wild things are. They are in this Institute.”

“I’ve made some weird calls in my time,” Jace mused, “but spending ten minutes in free fall from one unknown place in a hell dimension to a different unknown place in a hell dimension is pretty reckless even for me.” “Don’t feel bad,” said Magnus. “It wasn’t really your decision.”

“Can we see the glowing fissure in your chest?” Simon asked. “Simon, it’s rude to bring up glowing fissures in other people’s chests,” said Clary. “What do you think they want with the Book of the White, Magnus?” Magnus turned to look at Alec. “So, you told them everything? Did you say the S-word? The R-word?” Alec rolled his eyes. “If you’re asking if I told them about Shinyun and Ragnor, I did.”

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