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Falling into Place

Amy Zhang

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She wished to be happy, and fell asleep with an entire sky above her.”

“Because Liz Emerson held so much darkness within her that closing her eyes didn't make much of a difference at all.”

“I wish second chances were real.”

“Liz looked back and counted the bodies, all those lives she had ruined simply by existing. So she chose to stop existing.”

“She was tired. Gravity pulled at her more aggressively than usual. When she closed her eyes, she could feel it, dragging her deeper, deeper. I would have pulled her back. I would have saved her from falling, but she didn’t see my hand.”

“We wonder what lies beyond. One day, she will grow up and imagine death as an angel that will lend her wings, so she can find out. Death, unfortunately, is not in the business of lending wings.”

“Gravity is our playmate, momentum is our friend. We are blurs of motion. We are racing, and we are both winning, because we do not race each other. We race the world, and as fast as it rotates, as fast as it revolves, we are faster.”

“Well, hello, darling with the ocean eyes, How many secrets keep us apart? A sea of poems, a field of sighs, Can I cross and return to the start?”

“She wanted to go back. She wanted to be a little girl again, the one who thought getting high meant being pushed on the swing and pain was falling off her bike.”

“She would be an object in motion that would stay in motion, even if it meant flattening everything in her path.”

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