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From Catwalk To Freedom

Yasmina Diallo

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Find yourself first, and be surprised at how quickly and logically “the” one just appears in front of you.”

“Be with the one who can make you laugh until your ribs hurt.”

“When Eva told me more about you and your background, I was a little disappointed. I thought, well, it’s nice to get advice on how to feel more beautiful and on how to accept yourself unconditionally, but getting over your flaws is not really something that the average girl with average looks living her average life wants to hear from a pretty girl who models part-time and studies in a private school.”

“Time is something that you make decisions about. You make time, you don’t have it. You make time for what matters to you.”

“Panic attacks are… a nightmare, Kena. They’re like… deranged mercenaries. Yeah. Deranged, sly and very methodical mercenaries.”

“It’s very possible that you one day end up feeling like there’s no need for you to date after all. Maybe you won’t need anything other than your job and a hobby. Maybe living with a pet and going out with your girlfriends every other weekend will be more than enough companionship for you.”

“I think that if you regularly practice an activity that involves moving your body a lot, you will love your body for what it allows you to do, not for what it looks like. If you’re a dancer, a runner, a yogi or a soccer player, you need your body’s cooperation to be able to perform. So you’ll treat it right for that reason. And appreciate all of its strength and beauty also for that reason.”

“I should have told her that beauty is not an image but a feeling. An emotion.”

“I cannot wait to tell young girls stories. Stories about why, how and where their alone time matters.”

“Help me understand the mindset of a society that implicitly denies a woman her right to choose her attire if the said attire leans more towards modesty than towards exhibitionism.”

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