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Son of No One

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Life wasn’t easy. It wasn’t supposed to be. Yet with the right person, even the worst journey was tolerable. More than that, it could be fun. It wasn’t about learning to suffer through the storm to make it to the daylight. Life was about running through the rain and laughing even while it soaked you to the bone. Dodging the lightning strikes and daring it to come for you.”

“No one ever gets over great pain, of any sort. It merely carves the soul into a stronger, better person.”

“Like a wombat in a cornfield.” Jo “Beg pardon?” Cadegan “You’re not the only one who can throw together random words that make no sense and use them in a sentence like they do.” Jo”

“Jo? Look at me. I’m about to do something really f**king stupid. When I do this, I need you to remember three words for me. Omni rosae spina.” Thorn “Every rose has its thorn?” Jo “Good, you understand Latin. Yes. Commit those words to memory in the event I lose control. Okay?” Thorn”

“I’ve got to get my body back. While I like wearing you, I’d rather wear you as a blanket on top of me and not the skin I’m walking around in. It has this whole Hannibal Lecter aspect that’s really creeping me out.”Jo “Hannibal Lecter?” Cadegan “It’s a TV show and book character. Not really important. Like a wombat in a blender.” Jo “I’m not sure what this blender is, but I think I should be feeling bad for that poor wombat.” Cadegan”

“Hey, don’t knock it. It still runs. Most of the time, even after I turn it off.” Jo”

“Hello, beautiful. Just wrap those long, sexy legs around me and I’ll ride you anywhere, any time you want.” Talfryn “This one’s all yours. Go ahead, brother, wrap your long, sexy legs right around his waist and ride him all night long.” Cadegan”

“For there is no true failure in life, child. There is only giving up one day before we would have achieved success.”

“One thing about Southern women, they were tough. No one said no and got away with it. Especially not when it came to a loved one.”

“Can I ask you something?” Jo "Maybe" Thorn “What’s between you and Karma?” Jo “Right about now … three miles.” Thorn”

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