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Bring Me Their Hearts

Sara Wolf

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If you fear the past, it becomes your future.”

“It's not a question of whether or not the apple falls far from the tree, because of course it doesn't." Her eyes fix in the distance. "It's whether or not the apple can grow taller than the tree.”

“Pain is bearable only when you know with absolute certainty it'll end quickly.”

“Fight with everything you have, everything you are. Everything that is left of you--battle with it. Fight by the moonlight, the starlight, whatever faded hope you can find at any moment--cling to it. Embrace the smallest of lights, and never stop fighting.”

“Fate has never once shied away from the opportunity to take a massive shit on my life..”

“...nothing in life is simple. It's all utter maddening chaos and contradicting emotions.”

“Being ignorant isn’t a crime, Crabby, it’s a curable ailment.”

“The king's worth is exactly one potato.”

“I suppose when you want something badly enough, when you lose the thing most precious to you, people just become toys, puppets to move around to achieve your goals.”

“I never said it was an excuse...Simply that our pain breeds hate, and our hate makes us all do terrible things.”

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fantasy, heartless, humor, family, ya, bring-me-their-hearts, y-shennria

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