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I'm Sorry. I Know It's Too Late... But This is How I Loved You

Nessie Q.

Top 10 Best Quotes

“ You look like someone who has gone to war and came back with a thousand deaths burned in his eyes. You look like someone who has been told a dozen promises – promises that broke his heart when he realized he didn't matter enough for them to be kept. You look like someone whose edges started to chip away. You look like someone I could love, someone whose darkness I could light up. But goddamn it, darling, I promised myself I would never fall in love with a broken man. I have loved so many broken people and I have fixed them all up. I kept giving all I had, until I had nothing left to give. You look like someone I could love, someone I want to fall in love with. But you‘re in pieces, I know you‘ll just wound me.”

“We ended the way all good things in my life had a way of being put to rest – abrupt and without my permission.”

“I love you with the words I left unsaid, with the silence that I often spoke, that you still understood. I love you for the constant push and pull of my dissonance, for every internal battle that ensued because of you.I love you for the heights of irrationality you have driven me, for making me lose control. But most of all, I love you because you‘re not mine — because we almost happened. because I would never find out what would happen next… because you‘ll always be a question without an answer.”

“I‘m no good at loving people but… I will love you like the darkness loves the stars. I'm the goddess of the night. I will smear my ink over your skin, and leave paper cuts where the light can get in. I will break you then make you whole. You‘ll be the moon lighting up the sky. But I will never be done – we‘ll dance together until my darkness is gone.”

“If you were coffee, you would be bitter and strong; the kind that makes my heart palpitate its way out of my chest -the kind that can turn my thoughts manic. Oh, just the way I would like it. I like it.”

“I want to ruin you in the ugliest way imaginable so that someday, when you have to tell your children about me, it will take every breath you have to hide the catch in your throat”

“Don't fall in love with me. I am dissonance. I am always at war with myself – confusing my head with my heart, always retreating into my mind, because I don‘t want to lose.”

“You‘re everything I wanted, all of them, rolled into one. We were lovers and enemies and the best of friends. At times, it was one more than the other. At times, we were all of them all at once. But there have been times, I admit, when we were two complete strangers struggling to live with each other. At times, we felt like We were just each other‘s habit.”

“I'm so sorry no one cared enough to tell you that you can never win against a ghost.”

“I love how you know there's a dozen things that's wrong with me but you still say I'm just fine. It makes me think that there are really no monsters So terrifying they can't be loved.”

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