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Guidebook To Your Heart

Mimi Novic

Top 10 Best Quotes

“And perhaps some will never understand, It is mostly the farewells that unite us, and last in our memory forever, Even more than the first meeting.”

“A grateful heart sees a glimpse of heaven in everything”

“How wonderful it is those people that we meet by chance and invite us to live again. The memory of them will keep hope alive forever.”

“To find peace in any moment all we need to do is respect our own soul”

“Sometimes the only way to find the answers, is not to travel far away, but to venture deeper within ourselves.”

“It doesn't matter how long the dance lasts As long as the encounter ignites the passion of life in us once again, And the trail of its beauty remains etched upon our heart forever.”

“Everyone we meet has wounds upon their heart. Everyone is waiting for someone to scatter the seeds of love amongst their tears and to be patient enough to wait for their beautiful fragrance of dreams to awaken once more.”

“Trust yourself, make the choice and take the risk to be true to your heart, It will always work out in the most beautiful of ways, When you leave behind doubt and take the hand of courage.”

“Sometimes when we think it's the end of the road Is when we learn to fly”

“It is not how long we spend with someone that matters. It's the effect of that encounter that makes the difference.”

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