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Confessions on the 7:45

Lisa Unger

Top 10 Best Quotes

“People didn’t fall in love with other people. They fell in love with how other people made them feel about themselves. And so, it was easy to get someone to love you—if you knew how they wanted to feel.”

“When we narrate our experience, we take control of it. And in controlling the story of our past, we can create a better future.”

“Nobody told you that wen you became a parent, you became a child again; it was early bedtimes and grilled cheese sandwiches for all. Every date night was a negotiation, every invitation that you actually had the desire or energy to accept became a strategic maneuver that may or may not work out after all.”

“I mean—are some men just flawed by nature? Or do we enable their bad behavior, make it worse in a way because we hide it, and don’t demand better from them?”

“All women are mysteries.” “Only men think that,” said Pearl. “Largely because they’re not paying attention.”

“There was stardust in her bones.”

“There was no undoing the bad without losing the good. That was the trick of it all.”

“If she was honest with herself, the challenge of Graham excited her at first. She amped up her fitness routine, wore the sexiest underwear she could find. She made him chase. Blocked his calls sometimes, even stood him up once. Once upon a time, she’d been the woman sending dirty texts. His excitement excited her. That’s why she thought she’d left Will for Graham. Because Graham excited her. Because life with him, what it would be, could be, seemed like a mystery, an adventure.”

“He didn’t respect or even understand that other people had boundaries and only bullies pushed through them.”

“Didn’t he know that she was playing him? The funny thing was that they almost never, ever did. And even after they figured it out, they doubted themselves. Wanted to believe they were wrong. Even when there was no denying that they’d been had, you could almost always go back for a second helping.”

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