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Josephine Angelini

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Tell me your favourite color, Daphne, and I’ll paint the sky with it.”

“The strangest thing about drowning is how much it burns.”

“Is life nothing more than a moment of impact, and your mistakes the only thing that makes it down the mountainside?”

“And it's impossible for me to keep thinking about what he could mean to the world, when he means more than the world to me.”

“…pretty much everything I do is for me. I’m trying to get as much as I can out of it all. Maybe I can leave something of value behind. We’ll see. But I read for me, because there’s no test at the end.”

“You meet your fate on the road you take to escape it.”

“So, this is how Helen of Troy felt.”

“My dad always says that every head, no matter how smart, is attached to an asshole by a few feet of tubing.”

“More often than not, star-crossed lovers are their own worst enemies.”

“Maybe you should stop tagging," Castor says. Ajax's face tilts down, his expression echoing a difficult thought. "I can't. Not yet." "Jax," Pallas begins, like he's gearing up to give his brother a lecture. "I will-," Ajax interrupts. "But not just yet. There's one more thing I have to do." "What's that?" Castor asks. Ajax smiles. "I promised someone I'd paint the sky.”

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