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The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Becky Chambers

Top 10 Best Quotes

“From the ground, we stand; From our ships, we live; By the stars, we hope. —Exodan proverb”

“That’s such an incredibly organic bias, the idea that your squishy physical existence is some sort of pinnacle that all programs aspire to.”

“A rack of mugs rested alongside. There were two hand-drawn labels affixed to the decanters. “Happy Tea!” read one, above a drawing of a wide-eyed, grinning Human with frizzy hair standing on end. “Boring Tea,” read the other. The Human drawn there looked content, but indifferent.”

“Um, right, okay. Have you taken any courses in interspatial manipulation? Probably not, huh?” “Can’t say that I have.” “Space-time topology?” “Nope.” “Transdimensional theory?” Rosemary made an apologetic face. “Aww!” said Kizzy, clasping her hands over her heart. “You’re a physics virgin!”

“All the things I’ve done to my body, I’ve done out of love.”

“He was not a prisoner of those memories. He was their warden.”

“No good can come from a species at war with itself. Never has, never will.”

“I never thought of fear as something that can go away. It just is. It reminds me that I want to stay alive. That doesn’t strike me as a bad thing.”

“The truth is, Rosemary, that you are capable of anything. Good or bad. You always have been, and you always will be. Given the right push, you, too, could do horrible things. That darkness exists within all of us.”

“She wished someone would give her that sort of attention on a whim. She wished she were confident enough to give it back.”

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