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Lies a River Deep

Vera Jane Cook

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The passing years often rob people of the truth. But then again, those passing years also allow people to recreate the truth.”

“The young should only know where they’re headed”

“He would ask her, of course, and they would honeymoon at the Canary Inn, but that particular weekend wouldn’t be about forever, not just yet. It would be about the discovery Bessie made, about love, how it boomerangs toward you on quiet feet and tugs softly, never raging or insisting on anything other than recognition, and an unencumbered path of return.”

“Air hung heavy like wet clothes caught flapping in the rain made it hard to breathe.”

“Summer was a gift bestowed upon the survivors of winter’s wrath, even when the wind lay still and burning fire wood scented the air, it was always the promise of summer following, the awaited favorite season, the hope of it and the joy, the green grass smell of it, the free barefoot days of it that beckoned the winter weary forward.”

“She didn’t want to go to that place, and she had to force herself not to, but it was standing between she and her father’s memory; to keep him close she’d have to allow the ache”

“She continued walking, never revealing her disappointment until she’d passed beyond her own smile, which faded and appeared, faded and appeared, as if prompted and cajoled out of hiding.”

“It was stark around her, something sad about winter and its naked limbs, she thought, its colorless indifference, the boredom of its lackluster stillness.”

“When friends stopped coming by, the days were upset by it, the redundancy of routine, once altered, needed to find new distractions, like puzzle pieces that need connection in order to form a whole.”

“There is impotency being haunted by things we can’t change; being stuck in your own damn mistakes isn’t healthy. But when I think about the things I need to do right now, and possibly won’t, because I’d rather talk myself out of doing something that’s coming from my heart, there’s impotency in that, as well, and it’s the worst kind of indifference, Spider; it’s not doing what your heart is telling you to do. And there you’ll be, old and dying, with regrets deep as the Seneca, and maybe even longer.”

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