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Age of Swords

Michael J. Sullivan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It's easier to believe the most outlandish lie that confirms what you suspect than the most obvious truth that denies it.”

“Although men were strong like rocks, any stone could crack. Women were more like water. They nurtured life and could shape the hardest granite through unrelenting determination.”

“You were a mistake, you know,” Flood told Frost as they plodded up the hill. “Mother didn’t want you.” Frost shook his head. “We’re twins, you idiot.”

“Losing leaves a bitter taste that lingers long after the sweetness of victory has been forgotten.”

“I know nothing about war. But let me tell you what I believe. I think running from responsibility breeds self-loathing and despair. I think people can, and do, rise to the occasion, and even a single person can make an incredible difference. What they need are leaders who believe in them, a belief that gives birth to hope. With hope, people can do remarkable things, amazing things.”

“you can’t have an adversary without being one.”

“When something sounds like a giant vomiting up a dwarf, you should not expect sunshine and daisies.”

“Troublemakers in times of peace become heroes in times of trouble.”

“That's the thing about hatred, it can become rancid, and it'll turn into poison if you keep it bottled too long. Hatred will eat through any container and seep into the groundwater of a soul. Revenge is never enough to expel it because it keeps bubbling up anew. What you don't realize–can't really–is that by that time, it's all you are. You don't have the hate in you. The hate is you. When that wine is consumed, you won't ever be able to rid yourself of it. Can't vomit it up or spit it out. It'd be as impossible as escaping yourself.”

“Courageous hearts weren't banned from the breast of women.”

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