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Holly Goldberg Sloan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Thanks, Mom. Thanks for making me try out for this play.' I think I might have just made being a mother totally worthwhile for her. I will try to never forget her face...Mom's got tears in her eyes and she's smiling. It's an amazing look. I have to remember how powerful it can be to say thank you. Especially to the people you live with.”

“Maybe the key is that Big Ideas are Little Ideas but told in Big Ways?”

“My dad takes most of the pictures in our family, and he makes scrapbooks. This means he gets to figure out what's important for us to remember... I guess my mom could make a scrapbook, but she doesn't. And I could do it and so could my brothers, but then we would need extra pictures. Plus we're just kids and we don't have time for that. I know the scrapbooks we'd make would be different from Dad's. But the person who does the work gets to write the history.”

“It would be sad to be hired as a caregiver and then die before the person you were looking after. You wouldn't be able to let people know you did a good job.”

“I don't eat the sandwich that Mom made for me, but luckily Randy finishes his and is happy to take mine, too, so I won't get yelled at for wasting food. There is nothing worse in my mom's eyes. I guess murder would be worse, but I think she believes the first step toward a violent life is being a food-waster.”

“(Fishing) is as boring as boring gets. And then when it's finally not boring and you have a fish on the line it turns into a crime scene with a wooden club and a crazy amount of hitting.”

“My goals for this summer, if I had goals, would be to not worry about my height and also to find new ways to be happy now that Ramon is gone.”

“Maybe you don't need to speak to be heard. Because I don't remember silence being so loud before.”

“There’s not a short end and a long end. There could be a pointy end and a dull end, and that might mean that there was a good end and a bad end, especially if you wanted to toast marshmallows or poke an enemy.”

“Shawn Barr's last instruction to us is: "Until I see you next, Look at the world and turn off the sound. Focus on just one of your senses and find new ways to see.”

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