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A Better Way to Pray: If Your Prayer Life Is Not Working, Consider Changing Directions

Andrew Wommack

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Most Christians speak to God about their mountain instead of speaking to their mountain about God!”

“The heart attitude behind your prayer interests God much more than the actual words you say.”

“Faith works by the knowledge of the Word.”

“Boldness, confidence, and faith will rise in your heart as you realize that God’s supply is always greater than your need!”

“As you spend time with the King of kings and the Lord of lords, His attitude becomes your attitude.”

“Prayer is communion with God.”

“Prayer becomes religious when you try use it for something God never intended.”

“Looking into the brightness of God’s glory blinds you to other things.”

“If loving and communing with God isn’t your primary purpose in prayer, you’re missing out on what Christianity is all about!”

“Eternal life truly begins the moment you’re born again. It’s a present tense—not future tense—reality. If you’re a believer, eternal life is now!”

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