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Waking Gods

Sylvain Neuvel

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The known is finite, the unknown infinite; intellectually we stand on an islet in the midst of an illimitable ocean of inexplicability.”

“I came to realize that good and evil were out of my reach, that time was the only thing I had any control over. I could buy time, create intervals. I could not truly make the world a better place, but I could make part of it a better place for a short while.”

“You will not die of pain, but you will never get used to it. Pain is unique in that it does not show habituation or neural adaptation, like smell, or touch.”

“Scientists are like children: They always want to know everything, they all ask too many questions, and they never follow orders to the letter.”

“We’re not the greatest thing in the universe, certainly not the smartest. Seems logical there’d be a great many things in it we can’t comprehend.”

“While I am reasonably confident you are not “the chosen one,” you are without doubt one who has been chosen.”

“You were made for a particular purpose, but you can be anything you want. Anything, including that.”

“Vincent: "Rose, we can't fight this guy." Rose: "Can you..." Vincent: "Kara, what are you doing?" Rose: "What's going on?" Vincent: "Kara's... engaging in diplomacy." Rose: "She's what?" Vincent: "She's giving him the finger. Very mature, Kara!”

“If I grab a bunch of matter, anywhere, and I organize it in exactly the same way, I get…you. You, my friend, are a very complex, awe-inspiring configuration of matter. What you’re made of isn’t really important. Everything in the universe is made of the same thing. You’re a configuration. Your essence, as you call it, is information. It doesn’t matter where the material comes from. Do you think it matters when it comes from?”

“I may believe in God, but I’m at war with Him. I’m a scientist, I try to answer questions, one at a time, so there’s a little less room for Him as the answer. I plant my flag, and inch by inch, I take away His kingdom. It’s odd, but none of this has ever occurred to me before. I never even saw a real contradiction between science and religion. I see it now, I see it clear as day.”

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Book Keywords:

control, good-and-evil, universe, pain, purpose, humor, time

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