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Susan Juby

Top 10 Best Quotes

“My heart kind of hurt when I looked at her. Not because I was in love, but because I could tell from looking at her that she didn't hate herself. Not only didn't she seem to hate herself, she barely seemed to think about herself. How fucking glorious must that be?”

“This bastard was in a self-help program? For what? Square-jawed, cleft-chin sufferers? Handsome Bastards Anonymous?”

“Can you dance? Of course, I said, even though I can’t really. I think enthusiasm counts for a lot in dancing and in life.”

“People never like to talk about their slower relatives. I got a cousin, twice removed, got webs between his toes, ain't said one word his whole life. You never hear about him in the family newsletter that goes around every Christmas. Hell, nobody mentions me, either, if it comes to that. Families is funny about who they advertise.”

“It’s important to give people the benefit of the doubt even if they don’t deserve it.”

“I had this vision of the two of us holding hands or getting into some light petting behind shower curtains or up in the fencing aisle or some shit.”

“The old man kept going about how he could never keep her home, how she loved to roam. He said she should have been a sheep in the foothills of Scotland. Now if that wasn't a load of shit I don't know what is. I'll tell you why that sheep roamed. The fences around here was held up with goddamn binder twine and half-assed prayers. That's why.”

“It’s funny how you can be all alone and in danger and then a minute later feel totally safe, like you’ve never been lonely before.”

“I knew he’d get left behind when the Rapture came due to his swearing and probably also for having long hair and tight pants.”

“I debated whether to tell them I had long since abandoned my writing career and moved into radishes and fraud, but decided the timing was wrong.”

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