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Midnight Mass

Sierra Simone

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Is it weird to pray during sex? Maybe it is, but sometimes it happens. I’ve tried to accept that it’s who I am—a man who loves God, and who loves fucking, that I can be dirty and holy all in the same moment.”

“Life is a spiral. As long as we lived, we would keep moving forward. But on a spiral path, getting closer to your destination meant periodically passing the same things—emotions, issues, character flaws—over and over again, the way a person walking up a spiral staircase would continually find himself facing north every ten steps or so.”

“The difference between envy and jealousy is subtle but distinct, once you know the flavors and contours of both.”

“Once, I’d made the mistake of not trusting. When I found Poppy kissing her ex-boyfriend, I’d assumed the worst and left the scene without even trying to talk to her. She’d done it as a purposeful attempt to drive us apart, unable to bear the guilt of being the catalyst for my schism from the clergy. If I had trusted her, if I had stayed, we could have had another year together. Instead, I’d run away, believing that she was unfaithful, and we’d spent a year miserably apart.”

“Nothing felt real, nothing felt intimate or close or true—it all seemed like a terrible movie of my life that I was being forced to watch from hundreds of feet away.”

“Being unhappy or doubtful isn't a sin”

“But a person is so much more than those big things. A person is a collection of small things, of tiny invisible moments, of thoughts too inconsequential to share, of feelings that are too petty not to hide. Of glorious epiphanies too perfect to taint by speaking them out loud. And the real tragedy is not just that we won’t ever get to know these things about Millie. It’s that we so rarely take the time to know them about each other.” My throat tightened as I thought about Poppy. “When you go home tonight, look at the people around you. And search for those secrets. Millie would want you to hold on to them, those fleeting insubstantial moments. That was one of her gifts: seeing people how they really are.”

“The thought surfaced out of nowhere, fractured and shifting like a reflection on the sea. But once it appeared, it couldn’t be unthought, no matter how fleeting or ephemeral it had been.”

“Knows what, Poppy? What could he possibly know about you that I don’t?” Still holding her chin, I brought my mouth to her ear. “I know the things you think about when you’re alone. I know every single fantasy you have in that pretty head of yours, and I know”

“Father Bell was here instead. And church was in session.”

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