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On Rotation

Shirlene Obuobi

Top 10 Best Quotes

“All this time, I'd assumed that being a doctor meant performing miracles. Fixing bodies. Saving lives. I had hardly considered the flip side of that coin: that it also meant looking a patient's family in the eye and telling them to say their last goodbyes. That it meant staring down the permanence of death over and over again, until it stopped feeling like something to be prevented at all costs and instead became something to be occasionally embraced.”

“was supposed to be. I’d made it to almost twenty-five before convincing a man to commit to me, and even he hadn’t made it a year before saying “never mind.”

“they did want the kind of woman that society told them they should—thinner than me, paler than me, less educated and more in awe of them than I ever could be—they left.”

“stopping by for an impromptu dinner with his grandparents, a proposition I dodged by insisting that I would be working late.”

“renewing. If I had to let go of a love that was not quite that, that was okay. Because I loved myself, and these women had taught me how.”

“meaning permeate. Ricky had seen the full, unfiltered range of what I was, and he liked me. Just as I was. Angie Appiah, with no edits.”

“harder. Tabatha had been wrong. I didn’t need to sleep with Ricky to get too far gone; I was already there.”

“don’t think I’m not enough,” I said plainly. “I think I’m too much.”

“deeper, more fundamental than that. It was love, or at least something like it, and I was tired of trying to fool myself into thinking it was anything less.”

“been getting those flowers for me. He’d been getting them for himself: to prove that he was the kind of guy who got girls flowers. And deep down, I’d known that.”

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