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Wake Up The Winner In You: Your Time Is Now

Kyle Vidrine

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Never live in fear or regret, live in lessons learned that make you better and keep going forward”

“A Knock Down Does Not Have To Be A KnockOut”

“You have to focus on the finish line from the starting line.”

“The road to success doesn't allow detours; it's a one-way street.”

“If you're going to be fighting anyway, why not fight to win and not just to survive.”

“For every excuse that you've ever had or came up with of why you can't or couldn't, there's someone who's had that same excuse or even worse, but found a way and did”

“You can either complain about it or grind, I choose to grind.”

“Until you become who you are supposed to become, you will never live how you are supposed to live. Start acting like who you are supposed to become and not who you are now”

“The only way to become successful at anything is by overcoming and not giving up”

“It doesn't matter if you have to kick, crawl, scratch, hop, limp, hobble, or be carried to the finish line. Just make sure you finish you race.”

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