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Kenneth G. Eade

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We are all alone in this world; even in a crowd.”

“Sorry’s not good enough. When something’s broken, sorry can never bring it back.”

“Some of the most likeable people on the outside are capable of truly heinous things.”

“Human nature being what it was, the only time you could really be sure you weren’t being lied to was when you were talking to yourself.”

“Your Honor, if giving the finger is a motive for murder, then most everyone in this courtroom would be on trial”

“When they say whatever you say may be used against you, they mean it!”

“Walking’s a great way to create. The ideas seem to fall from the sky sometimes, and the fresh air is great too.”

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t ever really matter what the truth is. Only what they think it is.”

“Trials for lawyers are like bills. It seems that you finish paying one, and feel that feeling of relief, then it’s time to pay it again.”

“The jury system was somewhat of an anomaly, like everything else in the law.”

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