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The Council

Kayla Krantz

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There are things in this life that you must face alone. Birth is one of them-death is another.”

“The way I see it, you can live your life as is, continuing to feel like an underdog, or you can step up. Be someone who matters, and make a change.”

“One person should never decide what happens to the majority.”

“The moods he's shown me have all been vastly different as summer and winter, sometimes with fall between them.”

“There had been trials involving water, a time when witches were persecuted, bound, and tossed into the largest nearby body of water to see if they would sink or swim.”

“One thing is painfully clear-I can't trust anyone.”

“It seems ironic, expecting the unexpected, like she had fabricated pieces of her story to make it more interesting. Considering my boredom with the current version, I can't imagine the first draft.”

“If you always depend on others then you'll never succeed. It's best to learn that lesson now.”

“she’s offering me more cryptic phrases with a depth to them that even the top-ranked philosophers would have a difficult time decoding.”

“You know, without your cloak of burning rage, you almost look like a girl," he teases with a wink at me.”

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