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Thoughts of a Burning Heart

Jasmine Sandozz

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Because she was a blank mural and you wrote all over her.”

“Because people aren't always as they seem and the moral of the story is the apple isn't always sweet.”

“I will always be a girl that laughs as easily as she cries.”

“Every cloud has a silver lining; little did you know my colors are starting to change.”

“She wanted her own time her own life her own set of eyes.”

“Self-love is the best love, and you're the only one who gives it.”

“If she knew anything, it was nothing at all,except what she thought she knew.”

“We fit together better than James with Etta.”

“She is a woman who deserves some respect. She's the one who'll bear the belligerent burden of birthing your kids. She's a woman, not an ass, or a breast or something else that could be sexually caressed. Appreciate the woman that she is because she and your mother are one in the same. She will be a wife someday; should't she get treated like more of a gain?”

“My existence is young like the blossoming leaves. I have experienced nothing yet.”

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Book Keywords:

feminist, hurt, personality, used, patience, self-love, love, foes, friendship-lost, woman, change, growing-up, respect, growth-life

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