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Hello Stranger

Jade West

Top 10 Best Quotes

“My journey has taught me to use my energy in a positive way. Don’t angst, don’t stress and don’t worry. The shit that’s going to happen is going to happen anyway.”

“All hellos ultimately have their goodbyes. And all goodbyes hurt so much harder if the love they are founded on is so damn strong. Still, all hellos with people you love are worth it. They are all worth their weight in gold.”

“Reading time was the only time I ever truly allowed myself.”

“it was crazy, just how a hello, stranger on the train can turn into something that sets your life on a whole new road.”

“I guess that’s fate, though, isn’t it? It rocks into your world and taps its magic wand and there you are, staring out at a horizon that blows your mind.”

“I couldn’t take the flipside of the very same coin. The flatness, and the disappointment and the nothing. Because that’s what this was now, my life with Liam. It was nothing.”

“Hope was more often than not a false high that led to a greater low.”

“Fun. I was becoming ever more familiar with the concept since the Chloe whirlwind slammed into my world.”

“Every moment truly is magical, just so long as your eyes aren’t blind to the wonders.”

“her big blue eyes searching mine, and it was intoxicating all over again, that much enthusiasm my way from such a pretty, buoyant creature”

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Book Keywords:

optimism, grief

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