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The Arrangement 14: The Ferro Family

H.M. Ward

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everything I touch dies in my hand and the same thing's happening to you. You were vibrant when I met you, and now I've blanched the color from your cheeks and caused you nothing but pain.”

“Holy shit you're going to get killed by a rock star and two of the Ferro brothers, I can see the headlines now. Poor Little White Girl Never New What Hit Her.”

“Fuck, No I'll handle this, i'm going to kick her ass and throw her out of the window. Then, I'll climb into my box and let your people clean up the mess.”

“... I've run out of options. Stay with the lying psycho or work for the other lying psycho.”

“You trusted me to do things that terrify you because it's what I needed. I can do the same for you. I can hold you. I can let you in.”

“Yes this is Mr. Ferro and Mr. Ferro is sort of grumpy, one hundred percent of the time. Please excuse me, I need to go find my box.”

“The best decisions are the ones you can feel. They have no explanation—you just know.”

“That man has some seriously oversized ovaries. Can you say PMS? He barked at anyone and everyone before shoving his way outside.”

“No. I sliced my own shirt for fun. Everyone's going to be dressing like this tomorrow.”

“Holy fuck. What a buncha stupid white boys. Why don't they just invite the whole fucking police force into the bar? Avery this has gotta stop. Like now”

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Book Keywords:

choices, anger, sorrow, love, trust, pain, lying-psycho, options, humor, romance

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