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War of the Wolf

Bernard Cornwell

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Christians like to dream of the perfect world, a place where there is no fighting, where sword-blades are hammered into plowshares, and where the lion, whatever that is, sleeps with the lamb. It is a dream. There has always been war and there will always be war. So long as one man wants another man’s wife, or another man’s land, or another man’s cattle, or another man’s silver, so long will there be war. And so long as one priest preaches that his god is the only god or the better god there will be war.”

“Truth is ever feeble against passionate falsehood.”

“if a man believes the nonsense that there is only one god then there’s no point in arguing because it would be like discussing a rainbow with a blind man.”

“We live by oaths and we can die by them. To give an oath is to harness a life to a promise, and to break an oath is to tempt the punishment of the gods.”

“The gods are not kind to us, any more than children are kind to their toys. We are here to amuse the gods, and at times it amuses them to be unkind.”

“Wyrd bið ful āræd,” I said, and that is true. Fate is inexorable. Destiny is all. We make oaths, we make choices, but fate makes our decisions.”

“We make oaths, we make choices, but fate makes our decisions.”

“I suspect most copies were used to wipe arses or light fires.”

“You’ve got dirt on your forehead,” I said, “so has he,” I pointed to the other priest. “Because it’s Good Friday, lord. The day our Lord died.” “Is that why they call it good?”

“You fatten the goose before you kill it.”

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