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The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

Becky Chambers

Top 10 Best Quotes

“war was nothing more than an argument in which no one had landed on a better solution than killing each other.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t accept a lesser evil for the sake of it being lesser.”

“He’d been taught that if one person had more than another, feeling guilty about it was the least productive reaction. The only proper way to approach such inequities was to figure out how best to wield them, so as to bring others up to where you stood.”

“And sometimes fear is good. Fear keeps you alive. But it can also keep you from what you really want.”

“This one choice didn't answer everything for her, not even close. How could it? Life was never a matter of one decision alone. Life was just a bunch of tiny steps, one after another, each a conclusion that lead to a dozen questions more.”

“I was operating on the hope that such things wouldn’t matter when the sky is falling apart.’ ‘Such things shouldn’t matter at all, regardless of what the sky is doing.”

“The cheap knick-knack in his hands now carried with it a sentiment of the present he would cherish, and a reminder of the past he would always loathe. Only the finest art could accomplish both those things at once.”

“People – a group comprised of every sapient species, organic or otherwise – were chaos, but chaos was good. Chaos was the only sensible conclusion. There was no law that was just in every situation, no blanket rule that could apply to everyone, no explanation that accounted for every component. This did not mean that laws and rules were not helpful, or that explanations should not be sought, but rather that there should be no fear in changing them as needed, for nothing in the universe ever held still.”

“I'm not telling you that everything will be all right,' he said. I'm telling you I understand how horrible it feels to be able to do nothing.”

“I can't always speak my mind, not if I want to get the things I need or go places I need to go. Everything I do, every word I say, is calculated to make people comfortable. To make them respect me. None of it is a lie, but it is an act, and it's one that gets very, very tiring.”

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