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The Taken

Vicki Pettersson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“So. You're a fallen angel." She folded her arms. "I'm not fallen," he said roughly. "Then what are you?" He shrugged. "Busted.”

“The only bone in my body he ever loved was his.”

“ 'You love her without willing it or wanting it, and that is the most exquisite pain of all.' ”

“ 'Everything has its place. Let in only those things that are greatly desired, no more and no less. That's how to make sense of the world, and the only real way to achieve happiness.' ”

“ 'Being about hope. It's about the future...the person you might meet at Starbucks or online or in the next aisle at the grocery store.' ”

“Charis sipped, smiling back. "...I saw God everywhere." Grif narrowed his eyes. "Really?" She nodded and leaned close. "We were actually pen pals. I'd write Him letters in Latin and leave them in my closet." "Why the closet?" She shrugged. "Because He didn't appear after I set my front yard's bushes on fire, so I decided He was shy.”

“ 'Sex drives us, love or no love. Power or no power. Money or no money. It's the most powerful drug in the world. Some pay for it. Some die for it.' ”

“ 'It ain't ever over. You can't have no future if you don't have no past, and the past ain't never done with you...At the end of your life, all you have is what you know.' ”

“...Death," she said, as her hand dropped away, " is how you know you were alive in the first place.”

“Success, she [Evie] claimed, made people want to trust you.”

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