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Under a Painted Sky

Stacey Lee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Maybe what matters is not so much the path as who walks beside you.”

“Princesa came to rancho one day after her owner no want her. Says too much horse for him, too wild. But he's wrong. She's not wild, she's spirited. 'Wild' means 'I no care about what I do.' But 'spirited' means, 'I love what I do.' Big difference.”

“West looks up. 'This is the best time to hunt, when the animals are out looking for their suppers. 'Course, with a painted sky, light's not always good.' I never heard someone call the sky painted before, but it's the perfect word. Clouds outlined in gold streak across the firmament, casting uneven shadows over the landscape.”

“no one ever injured an eye by looking at the bright side.”

“Maybe life just tastes sweeter after you’ve licked death.”

“You miss being a girl? I ask her. Not as much as I thought I would. Just feels like when I'm being a boy, I can cut a wider path.”

“We carry around the light of our loved ones who have passed. It is they who light the path for us.”

“I pat my mule's neck and find comfort in the silky tufts of her mane. Father told me not to brood when people judged me for my wrapper, not my filling, or I would spend my whole life in the steamer.”

“Fly you crows. My father was not a spectacle. He was the greatest man I ever knew. He was my everything.”

“Your head’s like a room and when you’s forced to stay in it, you gotta deal with all the trash that’s left in there.”

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