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Journey to Your Self - How to Heal from Trauma: Written by Someone Who Did

Sandra Cooze

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and you will always find something to be happy about.”

“Allowing ourselves to let go of the trauma we had to experience does not make the incident irrelevant. What we were put through is inexcusable Letting go means we won’t allow it to hold us hostage any longer.”

“You either want to heal your trauma or you find excuses why you are too busy for it. ~It's your choice~”

“You can’t set sail without hoisting your anchor first”

“Life is a dance. All you need to do is find your rhythm.”

“I am often being asked how to begin with healing trauma. The answer is quite simple: you make the conscious choice that you have suffered enough. That decision in itself is so liberating. Choosing yourself above all else is the greatest gift you can give yourself. And with this mindset trauma healing can become a wonderful journey of transformation.”

“I AM AN EMPATH – Watching certain types of movies can become unbearable. The energy of TV and Radio can be maddening. I know your feelings better than you do. I know when you lie. I crave solitude. I need order or I can’t think straight. Complete strangers tell me their life story. – I AM A HEALER”

“Every goal we reach has once been part of a dream we thought would never come true.”

“Don’t allow other people’s opinion to dictate who you are supposed to be. Look within yourself and discover the amazingly unique, beautiful and strong person you actually are.”

“Writing is pure bliss! Seeing how the words flow from my hand onto paper and shape each chapter is mesmerizing”

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