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The Steady Running of the Hour

Justin Go

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It is impossible to live without hardship. The hardship of daily trifles, Ashely explains, ever accumulating and impossible to ignore, is so much meaner than pain or cold or fatigue. These annoyances make one weak and petty and shallow, just as greater struggles make one brave and wise. It's the little things that bring one down. Delayed trains and burnt puddings and drafty rooms. I was never so miserably cold on a mountain as I was in a drafty room. One can rise to dire occasions, but most of the time one worries about one's burnt pudding. It takes real struggle to see what life is. Then you realize you don't give two straws if your pudding's been burnt.”

“It is impossible to live without danger, Ashley explains. The danger is always there, the hazard of wasted lives, of decades bent over a desk, of squalid and lonely deaths in hospital beds. Fools turned their faces away from danger and pretended at immunity, but others went to the fountainhead of life.”

“You're everything,' Ashley whispers. 'You're more than everything. The things I never believed in.”

“It didn't matter. I was young and we were together.”

“-but what people expect can change you in the end.”

“One doesn't see beautiful things in the mountains. One becomes them.”

“I may not believe in God, but I still fear him.”

“All my dreams die hard, but those of you are utterly imperishable.”

“Imogen creaks open the door. She steps from the stifling heat through the doorway, a tentative foot onto the ice-clumped doormat. At once her senses are overcome by the wonder of the outside world. The movement of the bracing air, its scent of pine and wood smoke from the chimney; the luminosity of the snowy surface, the light glinting from every crystal of every snowflake. What sublime richness to everything.”

“I'm not so good as you,' Imogen says. 'But I don't care.”

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