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Changing Realities

Joel Solomon Tekenate

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everything that has ever happened to us is in total agreement with our secret thoughts and its emotions.”

“Your thoughts mixed by your words are the building blocks of your physical realities of life”

“When you think, you create those realities in your thought world, and consequently, those realities are duplicated in the physical world.”

“When we power our thoughts with corresponding emotions, we create the required atmosphere for the manifestation.”

“What you become depends on the secret thoughts you have made yours.”

“We forget to change ourselves when we become desperate trying to change things. Things don't change: they only give way for other things. When we change our thoughts, we give way for other things.”

“We cannot change our problems if we decide to remain with those old thoughts that brought about those problems.”

“Those who focus on changing SELF never see the need of changing others. Those who focus on changing their thought world never see the need of changing their physical world.”

“There is something about STUBBORN BELIEVING that conquers ALL the contrary forces of Nature. The powers of Nature cannot deny the demands of a believing heart.”

“The secret things we tell ourselves that are not opposed by other contrary thoughts are the true reflection of the quality of our thought life; and they are the thoughts reflected in our physical world.”

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